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ePrep® Accessories

A range of optional accessories are available to enhance the capabilities of ePrep®.

Vial Vortex Mixer

Vial mixing for most Racks/Adapter Plates 

Shacker + Waters - motor cover.png

Rack for µSPEed® Cartridges

Automated operation of µSPEed® cartridges

Syringe Filter Kit 

Automated operation of 30 to 12mm syringe filters  

01-04163 Filter Rack with filters MKII.png

Bulk Solvent Manifold

Deliver large reagent or solvent volumes

01-04200-01 Bulk Solvent Manifold  .png

pdSPE Cartridge Kit

Automate the operation of positive displacement SPE cartridges

Probe Syringe Dispenser

Large volume dispensing using 5mL external syringe pump

01-03085, Reagent Jar Rack & Jars.png

50 mL Reagent Jar Set

Adaper Plate for 5 x 50 mL Jar which comes with a septum cap

Rack Adapter Plates for ePrep

A range of Adapter Plates are available for Common Sample Racks

01-03051, Belart (3x7) wit hrack.png
01-03001, Adapter plate for Agilent Rack
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