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ePrep Adapter Plates for CTC Instrument Vail Racks

01-03036 Adapter Plate for CTC PAL3-Rack

ePrep Part No. 01-03036

Holds 2 x CTC PAL Rack 3 x 5

Rack Capacity:            15 vials

Vial Volume:                20 mL

CTC Rack No.               PAL3-Rack-VT15

Rack not included

ePrep Part No. 01-03037

Holds 2 x CTC PAL Rack 6 x 9

Rack Capacity:            54 vials

Vial Volume:                2 mL 

CTC Rack No.              PAL3-Rack-VT54

Rack not included

01-03037 - CTC 54 (6x9) WELLS, 2mL VIALS
01-03038, CTC 20mL (4x8) with rack.png

ePrep Part No. 01-03038

Holds 1 x CTC PAL Rack 4 x 8

Rack Capacity:            32 vials

Compatibility:              max 23 mm diameter vial

Vial Volume:                10 mL /20 mL

CTC Rack No.               PAL Tray 20 mL

Rack not included

ePrep Part No. 01-03039


Holds 1 x CTC PAL Rack 3 x 7

Rack Capacity:            21 vials

Vial Volume:                2 mL

CTC Rack No.              PAL Tray 20 mL

Rack not included

01-03039, Adapter Plate for CTC Tray No.
01-03000,- CTC 60 WELLS, 10-20mL Vials, R60.png

ePrep Part No. 01-03032

Holds 1 x CTC PAL Rack 6 x 10
Rack Capacity:            60 vials
Vial Volume:                20 mL HS (22.5mm OD)
CTC Rack No.               CTC S (3P) CTC R60-RACK
Rack not included

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