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Applications Litertaure

If you have a new and exciting ePrep or µSPEed applications let us know by using the form below. We'd like to include your work in our library - we'll give credit for your work.

µSPEed extraction followed by HPLC-DAD analysis of opium alkaloids in poppy seed tea

Pub #98-35032

μSPEed extraction and HPLC-MS/MS analysis of atropine and scopolamine in herbal infusions

Pub #98-35031

μSPEed extraction and UHPLC-MS/MS analysis of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in herbal infusions

Pub #98-35030

Automatic Preparation of Samples for Volatile Analysis by P&T GC-MS and for Semi-Volatile Analysis by Direct Injection GC-MS

Pub #98-35029

Fully Automated Sample Preparation of Cannabinoids and Terpenoids from Cannabis Flowers

Pub #98-35028

µSPEed- ePrep for the determination of odour compounds in drinking water

Pub #98-35026

digiVOL® Quantitative Liquid Handling

Pub #98-35025

Preparation of Glyphosate 360 Weed Killer Product for Ion Chromatography Analyisis using the ePrep

Pub #98-35023

Automated Standard Preparation for Purge & Trap USEPA Method 8260

Pub #98-35021


Calibration Standards Preparation at Ultra Trace Levels (ppt) for ICP-MS Elemental Nanoparticle Analysis

Pub #98-35019


Comparison of high-throughput microextraction techniques, MEPS and μSPEed, for the determination of Polyphenols in Baby Food 2019

Pub #98-35018


Immunoaffinity and Enzymatic reactor µSPEed cartridges for rapid Protein Isolation and Digest

Pub #98-35017


Accurate, Robotic Preparation of EPA Method Standards - Using the ePrep Sample Preparation Workstation

Pub #98-35014


Analyical Accuracy and Precision - ePrep Instrument Performance

Pub #98-35013


Combining µSPEed and ePrep for River Water Trace Pesticide Analysis without Surrogate Standards

Pub #98-35012


Explosive residues in sedimentary river water by µSPEed/ePrep

Pub #98-35011


μSPEed-Cxyl microreactor Cartridges – in-situ Trypsin, immobilisation

Pub #98-35010


PFAS’s by Automated mixed-mode µSPEed cartridges on ePrep Environmental Application - Contaminated Surface Water

Pub #98-35007


µSPEed Recovery Curve with 4 Nitrotoluene

Pub #98-35004


µSPEed Extraction and UHPLC-PDA Analysis of Polyphenols in Teas

Pub #98-35001


Micro versus macro solid phase extraction for monitoring water contaminants

J - Science of the Total Environment 512-513 (2015) 210-214


A fast and innovative microextraction technique of phenolic compounds in teas

J - Journal of Chromatography A 1424 (2015) 1-9

Micro solid-phase extraction for the analysis of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in environmental waters

J - Journal of Chromatography


Evaluation of new micro solid-phase extraction cartridges for on-column derivatisation reactions

J - Analytical Mthiods 2016, 8, 1765

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