Conference Presentations

Immunoaffinity and Enzymatic Reactor μSPEed for Rapid Protein Isolation and Digest ASMS2019

Part #98-55716-01 (98-17016-01)

Blowing Analytical Precision and Accuracy out of the Water - μSPEed of Explosives ASMS2019

Part #98-55715-01 (98-17015-01)

Trace Analysis of PFAS in Environmental Samples by μSPEed ASMS2019

Part #98-55714-01 (98-17014-01)

Poisoned Water: An investigation into the Detection o Pesticides with a Novel Approach to micro SPE

Part #98-55713-01 (98-17013-01)

Cleanup of Pharmaceutical Drugs in Biological Fluids by Automated micro SPE prior to LC/ MS ASMS2019

Part #98-55712-01 (98-17012-01)

Flexible Automation for All Steps in Sample Preparation Pittcon 2019

Pittcon 2019 poster introduces comprehensive and flexible capabilities of ePrep along with unsurpassed precision and accuracy

Pub #98-55711-01 (98-17011-01)

Express Protein Digestion by Automated, Enzyme micro Reaction Cartridges ASMS2018

Part #98-55710-01 (98-17010-01)

Rapid Sample Preparation of Pharmaceutical Drugs in Serum and Blood by Automated µSPE ASMS2018

Part #98-55709-01 (98-17009-01)

Automated µSPE for the Determination of PFAS Compounds ASMS2018

Part #98-55708-01 (98-17008-01)

Automated µSPE for Rapid Detection of Aqueous Nitro Aromatic Explosives ASMS2018

Part #98-55707-01 (98-17007-01)

Development of µSPE-direct Sample Analysis MS Method for the Identification and Quantification of Disinfection by-Products ASMS2015

The method itself shows that it is possible to simultaneously and rapidly detect multiple compounds in one sample run, which has the potential to be applied to other classes of compounds with complete validation.

Part #98-55705-01 (98-17005-01)

Innovative Analytical Approach Based on µSPEed Extraction Combined with UHPLC-PDA Analysis for Quantification of Polyphenols in Teas ASMS2015

μSPEed  is a simple and fast extraction procedure using small particle sorbents (3 micron or less, 20 x smaller than SPE particles), enabling a more efficient separation of the target analysis from interfering matrix.

Part #98-55704-01 (98-17004-01)

Separating the Separation; Evaluation of µ-solid-phase extraction for on-Column Derivatisation and Direct Injection Mass Spectrometry Sample Preparation ASMS2015

The results presented in this report demonstrate that μSPEed Cartridge cartridges have a good potential to be used as a tool for on‐column derivatisation for fatty acids. Further investigations could be carried out involving other metabolites and application to complex samples.

Part #98-55702-01 (98-17002-01)

High Efficiency SPE/Fractionation Cartridges for Direct MS Sample Preparation Riva2014

A range of sample preparation applications in clinical, environmental and food analysis are
being developed using the micro valve SPE cartridge device. Automated sample preparation
using the cartridges can be demonstrated utilising a sample preparation robot for pickup
and drop off of the cartridges. 

Part #98-55701-01 (98-17001-01)

At-line Approach to Direct Solid Phase Extraction MS μSPEed ASMS2013

5 minutes total analysis time saving approximately 155 minutes. Small particles afford improved signal and potential for separation. Dramatic reduction in sample carry over from 65% to less than 1%. All codeine metabolites were realized with CDF-MEPS workflow.

Part #98-55700-01 (98-17000-01)

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