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digiVOL® Programmable Digital Syringe Driver

Digital syringe driver for accurate and precise liquid dispensing at pressure in the analytical laboratory. 

Precise Liquid Dispensing

digiVOL® is a digital syringe driver designed for precise liquid dispensing. It is suitable for applications such as programmed liquid dispensing, micro HPLC and SPE, filtration and membrane separations.

01-08100-01 Digital Syringe Driver Kit .
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Build Method Workflows  

Key Features include:

  • Accurate and precise dispensing of liquids at pressure

  • Programmable aspiration and dispense volumes and flowrates

  • Bluetooth handle powered by an external 24 volt power supply. 

  • Simple to operate software with Quick Run Method modes

  • Rapid syringe changing - ePrep XCHANGE®

Programmable Controller

A touch-screen controller uses a microprocessor to operate the syringe and communicate by Bluetooth to the syringe handle. All operation control functions and methods are stored in the Controller.

Hand Held Operation

An ergonomically designed hand-held device that contains a powerful motor to drive the syringe. The handle is powered via a cable through a 24 volt power supply.  Run trigger buttons are located on both the front of the handle and on the Controller touch screen. 

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Software Functions


The control software has 3 standard menus: Quick Run, Method Run and Systems Settings. A fourth function, Calibration Standards can be purchased as a downloadable add on. 

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