digiVOL® Digital Syringe Driver
01-08100-01 Digital Syringe Driver Kit .

The digiVOL® is a portable motor driven syringe system designed for precise liquid dispensing. It is suitable for applications such as programmed liquid dispensing, micro HPLC, semi-automated SPE, filtration and membrane separations. digiVOL® is ideally suited to many liquid handling tasks around the laboratory as well as method development for the ePrep® Sample Preparation Workstation.

Key Features

  • Accurate and Precise dispensing of aqueous and organic liquids

  • Volume, flowrate and workflow programmable   

  • Controller with touch screen, simple to operate software

  • Ergonomically designed portable handle.

  • Powerful motor drive.

  • XCHANGE®   rapid syringe exchange system

  • A range of compact Analytical Syringes for ergonomic balanced operation are available.

Controller Unit

The digiVOL® controller can be programmed in Quick Run or Method modes. Method mode enables the creation of a comprehensive flow sequence, controlling volume and flowrate at each step and can be saved for future reproducible method process.

A Calibrations Standards module is also available for digiVOL®.

Method Programming

The control software is intuitive to operate with programs created in moments.


The software has 3 standard menus: Quick Run (for quick and simple methods), Method Run (for more customised, saved and complex methods) and Settings (with basic preference adjustments, software updates, re-zeroing of plunger and changing the syringe). 

Updated Main Menu Structure.png

Quick Run Mode

Quick Run has been designed for simplicity and efficiency.  It allows the user to quickly create and execute a basic process with the digiVOL and can be as simple to use as picking up a manual syringe while providing extreme precision.

Method Run Mode

Creating specific methods, saving, editing or copying existing methods can all be achieved through this menu. Methods can include a range of differing functions such as Prime, Purge, Aspirate, Dispense, Loop, Prompt and Pause. Methods can be built with multiple steps, saved and recalled for future use. Options are also provided to control parameters such as volume, flowrate, priming, pausing and setting residual volume for the applicable functions. Even µSPEed® processes can be programmed.


Options to change syringe, re-zero plunger and basic preferences can be accessed from the Settings menu.  Settings also include time and date, brightness, sleep settings, sound levels, Bluetooth connection and updating software.

Calibration Standards (optional Add-on)

Calibration Standards includes pre-programmed, multipoint, standard dilution profiles. Take the pain and error out of preparing calibration standards.

Ordering Information


digiVOL Digital Syringe Driver Kit (X Driver) with Flexi Stand

Bundled P/N 01-08100-01 & 01-08150


digiVOL Digital Syringe Driver Kit (X Driver) without Stand  


Flexi Stand for digiVOL with Syringe Cradle 


Calibration Standards Addon Software  


2.4 µL digiVOL Syringe, µSPEed Connection  


50 µL digiVOL Syringe, µSPEed Connection 


250 µL digiVOL Syringe, µSPEed Connection


500 µL digiVOL Syringe, µSPEed Connection


1.25 mL digiVOL Syringe, µSPEed Connection


10 mL ePrep Syringe (usable 5 mL, ½ stroke on digiVOL)


50mm 26g µSPEed Hub Needles (Pkt 10)


Replacement Needle for digiVOL Syringe, 50 mm Cone (Pkt 2)


Replacement Needle Retaining Nut for µSPEed Syringe


125 µL HP Syringe Pump – ¼ 28 Fitting