Disk Syringe Filter Kit

Syringe filter kit enables standard disk filters to be used on ePrep for sample filtering within a Workflow. The kit enables most disk syringe filters with Luer Slip connection to be used with ePrep. The rack can hold 70 disk filters in two layers of 35 and compatible with disk filters from 4 mm up to 25 mm diameter. Short Luer Slip Hub needles are fitted to the filter outlet for sealed vial operation.

The Waste Station enables simple and safe detachment and disposal of used filters. An Aspiration Needle is located on the Aspiration Needle Station. This Luer Slip Hub needle is used to prefill the syringe prior to filter connection. Once the sample has been aspirated, the needle is returned to the Aspiration Needle Station and the syringe is then connected to the disk filter for sample filtering under pressure.

A special 2.5 mL positive displacement ePrep syringe is supplied with the kit. Maximum filtered volume will depend on the hold-up volume of the filter.

Ordering Information


Filter Rack Capacity: 70 filters

Supplied with: Waste Station (2U), Aspiration Needle Station, 2.5 mL Syringe, Luer Slip Hub Needle for  Syringe filling (Pkt 5) and Luer Slip hub Needle for Filter dispensing (Pkt 70) (Filters not supplied) 



2.5 mL ePrep Luer Slip Syringe



Luer Slip Hub Aspiration Needle (Pkt 5)



Luer Slip Hub Needle for Filter Dispensing (Pkt 70)

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