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eDirect™ - Syringe-to-Detector Interface

eDirect™ is a fantastic addition to any laboratory. It allows the interfacing of a standard 23 gauge needle syringe directly to a chromatography detector. It’s simple to use yet extremely versatile in its application. Its uses include dispensing the contents of a syringe or μSPEed cartridge directly to a Mass Spectrometer, UV/Vis, fluorescence, IR or any chromatography detector or chromatography interface.


eDirect features a soft seal which forms a liquid tight connection around a needle inserted into the interface. Sample is transferred directly from the needle through a small bore transfer tube to the detector with minimal band broadening.


The eDirect is mounted on the deck of the ePrep so the ePrep can be used to infuse directly into a detector. It also makes the interface suitable for robotic or autosampler applications where variations in syringe position can be variable.


eDirect is supplied with a 500mm length of 1/32” OD x 100μm ID Peeksil™ (fused silica lined PEEK) transfer tubing. Micro Unions are supplied to connect the Peeksil™ tubing to the detector. The micro union is supplied with 1/32”-1/32” and 1/32”-1/16” two way ferrules.



  • ePrep direct MS Infusion from syringe or μSPEed micro separation cartridge to mass spectrometer.

  • Direct infusion into UV/Vis detector from µSPEed micro separation cartridge.

  • Connection of ePrep Syringe to an HPLC Injection Port.


Kit Contents: eDirect A, stand appropriate to the option selected 500mm x 100µm PEEKsil Transfer Tubing

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