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ePrep® Sample Preparation Workstation

Whether it’s 5 or 500 samples, ePrep allows accurate automated sample preparation with consistent results.


Intuitive and simple operation for setup of methods in minutes

The software is very simple to set up and operate. After an initial 30 minute familiarisation, most Workflows can then be created and validated in 5-15 minutes.  Workflow programs that have previously been developed and saved can be recalled and ready for operation almost instantly.


Adaptable configuration for sample preparation requirements

A range of syringes, tools and accessories are available as well as an extensive range of the commonly used vials and racks that are pre-configured in the software.  Positions of syringes, vial racks and vials are detected by RFID and proximity sensors, then compared back to the Workflow program for validity, negating user errors.

Samples can be prepared away from analytical instrumentation directly into a wide range of Autosampler Racks, which can then simply be transferred to the analytical instrument autosampler for analysis.

Quick to Setup and Run

Common processes (eg. aliquot, dilute, mix, filter, SPE etc) are pre-programmed and Syringes, Tools, Racks and Vials are easily selected.

Coordinates and parameters of Tasks, Tools, Racks, Vials, and Accessories are predefined in the software enabling a Workflow to be created using “drag-and-drop” processes. 

Small to Large Batch Sizes


ePrep is designed to be equally effective, whether running sample batches of 5 or 500. 

Instrument Specialist or Software Programmers are not required to re-configure the ePrep or make adjustments to a program.

Common Tasks

Pre-programable tasks include common sample preparation and liquid handling procedures.
Tasks include: Aliquot Sample, Add Diluent, Add Reagent, Add internal Standard, Add Surrogate Standard, Serial Dispense, Make up to Volume, Serial Dilute, Syringe Mix, Transfer Liquid and µSPEed Cartridge operations.  With the common tasks selected it is just a matter of selecting the syringe to use from a list that the ePrep has already determined are available and the vials that the ePrep has already identified as being present.


Confident Results

ePrep achieves precision and accuracy not previously possible in sample preparation. 

The technology delivers high quality results for every sample batch.

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