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ePrep®  Sample Preparation Workstation

The ePrep Sample Preparation Workstation utilises a suite of innovative technologies to bring automation of sample preparation to every laboratory.


Rapid programming and simple instrument configuration allow ePrep to be configured in minutes for even complex Workflows. It takes around 15 minutes to develop and validate a Workflow from scratch and only minutes if the Workflow has been previously developed and saved.

The ePrep’s standalone operation also improves flexibility and effectiveness in a laboratory setting. Samples can be prepared away from analytical instrumentation and directly into a wide range of Autosampler Racks. Once the preparation is complete, the rack can simply be transferred to the analytical instrument reducing complexity in sample processes.

The workstation can integrate a variety of sample preparation techniques to maximise sample output and accuracy.

ePrep® Features
Computer Operation

ePrep uses a dedicated computer for programming Workflows. 

The software is simple to use allowing Workflows to be created independent of user skill. Comprehensive software reporting traces and records all liquid movements and is central to the use of ePrep in Chain of Custody samples.

Software Workflow Setup

Use of ePrep’s propriety touch screen software is independent of user skill with Workflow validation checking, error feedback and tool or rack identification scanning. 

ePrep’s simplicity of operation comes from predefined Tasks and Vial coordinates and parameters. Workflows are created and executed in just minutes by ‘drag-and-drop’ into a Workflow editor.   

Compliance Approvals 

Compliance approval CE, FCC, IC, RCM , Safety IEC 61010-1 and  IEC 61010-2-081

Manufactured according to the most widely used standard EN ISO 9001:2008

Ordering Information


ePrep Sample Preparation WorkStation


Supplied with:

Wash Station, Power Supply, Computer with ePrep Software, Cabling and Starter Kit including BelArt and Waters Adapter Plates, 30mL Bel Art Vial Racks, Waters Vial Racks, 30mL Vials, 1.5mL Vials, ePrep Syringes and Spares   


ePrep Demo Dongle

Run ePrep software from any PC. The demo dongle will simulate the operation of ePrep. Software supplied separately 

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