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µSPEed® microSPE Cartridges (with valve) 

An innovative new approach to SPE that goes beyond what can be achieved with conventional SPE cartridges.  ePrep µSPEed cartridges achieve a much faster, ultra clean and more reproducible extraction. They also eliminate the need for solvent blowdown, delivering the extracted sample ready for direct chromatographic or MS injection.

SPEmx (detachable MEPS style cartridge) without valve are also available,

µSPEed® & HPLC separations

µSPEed cartridges will revolutionise micoSPE and microseparations.

The µSPEed cartridges perform like a short HPLC column where the flow is always from the top of the sorbent bed. Separation occurs not just during digital extraction but microseparation and comprehensive sample clean-up are achieved.  µSPEed can best be described as high resolution SPE, at a lower overall cost than conventional SPE processes.

µSPEed® Operation

Using a one-way check valve, the sample is aspirated through the cartridge into the syringe barrel.  Using the high pressure generated by the analytical syringe and under well controlled flow conditions, the sample is pushed through the sorbent bed focusing the analytes onto the top of the sorbent bed. Relatively high pressures can be generated meaning sorbents of ≤3µm are used. Small particle SPE is far more efficient and faster than conventional SPE processes with 50µm particles.  µSPEed by ePrep is effectively high resolution SPE. 

Avoid using pure Strong Non-Polar and Aprotic Polar Solvents (eg. Dichloromethane and 100% Acetonitrile). These solvents may affect the function of the fluoroelastomer valve.

Automated and Manual Operation


The cartridges feature a patented high pressure, low dead volume connection for fast attachment and disconnection from a syringe. They can be used for manual methods and on the ePrep for automated workflows.

Improve Sensitivity and Cleaner Extracts


3µm sorbents are used giving µSPEed cartridges enormous separation power providing high concentration factors with narrow low-volume clear separation bands enabling analyte elution in just µL of solvent. Concentration factors of 1000:1 can achived in minutes.    

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