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µSPEed® (eZy-Connect) Syringe for ePrep Instrument

µSPEed® syringes can operate at pressure and are designed for use with µSPEed® and SPEmx™ cartridges. The “spiked” needle fitting and guide ensure a smooth high pressure connection to cartridges, and other fittings. Wetted surfaces are stainless steel (100-500 µL) & PEEK (1-2.5 mL), Teflon, Kelrez®, and borosilicate glass.

(Patent pending)

Ordering Information


100 µL ePrep Syringe, eZy-Connect 


500 µL ePrep Syringe, eZy-Connect


1 mL ePrep Syringe, eZy-Connect

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