Syringe Needle and Piercer
Replacement Needles for ePrep Analytical Syringes

80mm x 0.64mm OD (26g) cone replacement needles for ePrep Analytical Syringes. Needles are suitable for use with all ePrep accessories.  


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Replacement Needle for 100 µL ePrep Syringe (Pkt 2) 


Replacement Needle for 1 mL ePrep Syringe (Pkt 2)


Replacement Needle for 10 mL ePrep Syringe (Pkt 2)

SPEmx™ micro SPE Cartridges without valve 

SPEmx cartridges are packed with 40-60 µm silica sorbents. As the particle size is large, Conditioning, Loading and Elution is done by aspirating and dispensing solvents through the sorbent bed.  
They are suited to trap-and-elute clean-up of “dirty/particulate” matrices such as blood, plasma and saliva.   

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C4, 40-60 µm, SPEmx Cartridges (Pkt 10)


C4, 40-60 µm, SPEmx Cartridges (Pkt 50)


C18, 40-60 µm, SPEmx Cartridges (Pkt 10) 


C18, 40-60 µm, SPEmx Cartridges (Pkt 50) 

Detachable Needles with µSPEed Connection

Demountable needles with hub which can be fitted to a µSPEed syringe for high pressure connection.

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26g µSPEed Hub Needles (Pkt 10)

Replacement ePrep Piercer


Piercer for ePrep (PKT 2)

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