Our Passion

The team behind ePrep has contributed over 60 years to many significant advances in analytical chemistry and have built well-known businesses that support analytical chemists throughout the world.  Now we turn our skills to an aspect of analytical chemistry that has not kept up with the advances in analytical instrumentation like chromatographs and spectrometers.  


Sample preparation techniques and practices are well recognised as the weak link in the analytical chemistry processes.


The ePrep team has created product range focused on automation of analytical sample preparation with unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability.  The products also address laboratory requirements for simplicity, robustness, improved limits of detection, easy method transfer, and improve environmental impact.


The product range includes:

  • ePrep Sample Preparation Workstation

  • digiVOL digital syringe driver

  • µSPEed cartridges, automated micro SPE 

  • Syringes for ePrep and digiVOL

See website pages for product detail.

ePrep master new tools #3.png