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pdSPE Cartridge Kit (liquid pressure displacement SPE)

PS SPE Rack.png

pdSPE cartridges are a “robotic” enabled alternative to open top format SPE cartridges. They feature a Female Luer top and Male luer Bottom, allowing direct syringe connection and needled outlet for sealed vial operation.

ePrep fully integrates all steps with pdSPE cartridges including Condition, Equilibrate, Load, Wash, Syringe Dry and Elute processes.

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Kit Contents:  pdSPE Rack to hold 28 cartridges with ePrep Adapter Plate and RFID, Aspiration Needle Station, 10mL ePrep Guided Luer Syringe, Luer Filling Needles 61.5mm (Pkt 5) and  Filter Dispense Needles 32mm (Pkt 70)

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