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Syngles, Disposable Plastic Syringes for ePrep

For method protocols requiring strict sample non-cross contamination and where syringe washing is not possible, ePrep has developed Syngles disposable syringes that can be automated on the ePrep platform. 1mL Syngles syringes use a medical grade polypropylene body and TPE detachable plunger tip. They are suitable for aqueous and most HPLC solvents. Accuracy of these syringes is ±5%.

Two versions of Syngles Syringes are available, one with a fitted 50mm needle and the other with a conical luer tip. Luer Syngles are suitable for all standard ISO594 luer taper fittings, such as syringe filters and liquid connections.
Starter Kit Contents: Rack with ePrep Adapter Plate, Waste Syringe Bin, XCHANGE Tool for Singles, 84 x 1mL Syngles Disposable Syringes with fitted needle

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