available for operation of ePrep and digiVOL syringe.  All syringes feature a gas tight plunger tip.

Syringe with eZy-Connect™ 

 ePrep Endurance syringes are fitted with a “spiked” needle fitting and guide to ensure correct high pressure connection to µSPEed cartridges, filters, needles and columns. Syringes are fitted with RFID tag for ePrep Workflow identification.

Standard Analytical Syringe

Gas tight (PTFE Plunger) syringes are fitted with an 80mm|23gauge needle designed to reach to the bottom of vials up to 20mL. Syringes are fitted with RFID tag for ePrep Workflow identification.

digiVOL® Syringe with eZy-Connect™

Syringes for the digiVOL motorised drive require a  30 mm scale.  These syringes especially for the digiVOL use an inert, high performance, o-ring plunger seal, these syringes offer longer life and improved pressure performance over conventional syringes

Manual Syringe with eZy-Connect™

Manual gas tight syringes with eZy-Connect™ are designed specifically for use with our range of µSPEed and SPEmx cartridges. 

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